Porto a Porto started in the late 90s, in Curitiba, as soon as the Brazilian market was reopened to imported products. Great-granddaughter, granddaughter and daughter of retail-industry businessmen, the company entered the segment with decades of experience.

The importer represents 110 international suppliers from countries like France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, among others. In addition to the portfolio of wines, beers, spirits, juices and water, brings to Brazil brands of the food industry that are internationally recognized for their quality, Paganini, for instance.

More than 1,500 products with great value and quality that make Porto a Porto an expert leader and the cynosure in the Brazilian enogastronomic -- food and wine -- scenario. The company is concerned with maintaining a complete portfolio, thus offering its customers the greatest possible variety of the segment items. Present throughout Brazil with more than 50 representatives who serve a portfolio of approximately 9,000 customers also has 80 employees on its staff.